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If you need Kiwifruit plants for your orchard or are looking to stock your nursery or garden centre with Kiwifruit trees, Forevergreen Seedlings can provide you with healthy, ready to plant seedlings.

Auckland fruit tree Kiwifruit seedlings, ready to plant and watch grow!

The NZ kiwifruit is a hardy plant and can grow fairly well in a wide range of temperatures.  Forevergreen Seedlings  LTD can provide your  Tauranga nursery  or orchard with healthy Kiwifruit seedlings.

Forevergreen Seedlings Ltd   has joined the Kiwifruit Plant Certification Scheme and is authorised to sell plants to all Recovery regions. Forevergreen Seedlings Ltd cannot sell plants to Hawkes Bay,Gisborne, North West Auckland , Whangarei or South Island as these regions are either Containment of Exclusion regions. You MUST be a registered kiwifruit grower for us to be able to sell to you.

Where do kiwi fruit grow?

Kiwifruit is a vine plant, which survives year-round. In winter, kiwifruit are leafless and dormant, and can survive frosts to -10°C, however be wary that in autumn and spring, plants can get frost damage.

Kiwifruit can be grown in most climates of New Zealand, as they require adequate summer heat, however the soil needs to remain moist and free-draining.

The vines will require regular pruning.

All kiwifruit plants sold are guaranteed to be of good quality and healthy. If you are looking for Kiwifruit seedlings, make an enquiry from our online nursery today!

What does my Kiwi fruit vine need to flourish?

When you plant your kiwifruit, you should take into consideration the following:
  • extreme heat will burn leaves and fruit, while strong wind will break stems and fruit, so choose a sheltered site
  • if you keep the soil too wet your kiwifruit vines may suffer from fungal and bacteria diseases, however soil needs to remain moist for optimal growing conditions
  • don't plant your vines too close together or other plants as they will grow. Space your plants 4.5-6m apart
  • Kiwifruit are shallow rooted, so be careful with the soil and the ground around the base of your plants

A range of different plants available from our Tauranga nursery

If you are after kiwifruit seedlings for your orchard, Forevergreen Seedlings Ltd have removed the hard part by already growing them from seed, ready for you to plant.

Kiwifruit delivery can be arranged to anywhere in New Zealand, so  contact Forevergreen Seedlings today  for a wide range of wholesale plants .

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